Who We Are?

Teminnova Technologies Private Limited, (TTPL, founded in 2008) is committed to its patrons with a customer oriented strategy, focusing on innovation and visible value creation via its products and services. TTPL business has a strong competency in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Mobility solutions, High Performance Computing(HPC), Virtual and Augmented Reality, Image and video based solutions.

Our offerings span across Market Survey, Requirment collection, Product/Process development, Testing, Training, Deployment and Maintenence. We have succesfully delivered numerous Web portals, cloud applications, E-Commerce, Mobile Applications, Internet of Things(IoT), Desktop Applications.

TTPL focuses on fulfilling customer requirements with highest quality, least operational cost and maximum efficiency to enhance their competitiveness and profitability. TTPL committed to create a long term association, visible and measurable value creation for its customers.

Our Vision

Teminnova’s vision is to democratize technologies so as to make it available, accessible and affordable to every human being.

Our Mission

Teminnova’s mission is to provide technology agnostic innovative solutions to address the real world problems that in turn create visible value.

Our Expertise

Mobility Solutions

TTPL help and partner with firms who need mobility Solutions for building their products in the multi-market verticals wherever, there is a shared vision. Our Mobility solutions have applicability across industry sectors such as Health care and Fitness, wearable technology, Agriculture, e-commerce, Finance and Insurance, Education, manufacturing, automotive, retail, consumer packaged goods and travel/ transportation/hospitality.

Internet of Things(IoT)

TTPL provides software development platform that enables meaningful connections between things and people. Our embedded software design bring IP and web services to the end node, combining highly optimized client software with a scalable management and web/mobile application platform. TTPL’s software brings web and Mobile app services to the most demanding enterprise applications in the Internet of Things.


TTPL offers reliable robotic solutions for high-end industries and small businesses. We are involved in design and development of simple to complex robotics applications - real-time robot control, man-safe robotics, field bus deployment or large scale communication networks, obstacle avoidance, path planning, kinematics, steering and more. We stick to the customers time lines and make them happy by delivering successful projects as per their requirements.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

TTPL delivers software systems to help our customers solve problems automatically by using our AI applications. We build AI applications that are used for stand-alone systems or can be embedded within other software or hardware systems. Our approach is to design the system that is best suitable for customer’s requirements using various AI technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Statistical and Analytics-based rules systems.