About Us

TTPL's deliverables - Deliver end to end solution from concept, design, implementation, testing and maintenance. It ensures high quality and timely delivery of the solutions to achieve customer satisfaction. Works with customer(Agile Methodologies) to provide optimal solutions to their business needs.

TTPL has engaged the clients with partnership, project outsourcing, staff augmentation and Build, Operate and Transfer engagement models. Popular engagement models include:

  • Partnership in Research and Development.
  • Build, Operate, Transfer(BOT) of Solutions
  • Product/Project Managment
  • Quality Control & Assurance
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Project/Process Outsourcing

TTPL has a good mixture of young, passionate, intelligent, highly skilled and experienced work force.

Why Choose Us?

TTPL has a good mix of experienced management, young and intelligent resource pool.. TTPL engages the customer through out the product/process development life cycle, not just in requirements collection. TTPL has competency in understanding the end usage of the solution, hence proactively and cooperatively assists its clients with their cutting-edge technology solutions. We strongly believe our success in clients success.

TTPL built on a Very strong Values System that are the basis for our business engagments.

Our Expertise

App Development
40% Complete (success)
Web Development
40% Complete (success)
Research & Development
40% Complete (success)
Design and User Experience
40% Complete (success)
Training and Testing
40% Complete (success)
40% Complete (success)